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Photo Gallery of shows last year, 2008

This page is under constant construction and will be photos of shows through out the year.

1/26/08 Ft Wayne Ind. Elks Fundraiser

3/8/08 H. S. Fundraiser for class of 2010

3/8/08 Senior Living

3/12/08 H. S. 2008 Fundraiser Meeting

High School Class of 2008 Fundraiser

H. S. 2008 Fundraiser over $7, 500 Profit

H.S. 5/22/08 All Night Party

5/22/08 H.S. Grad Party @ Dave & Busters

5/29/08 H.S. All Night Grad. Party

H.S. Grad Party at Eastwood Cinema 5/29/08

5/31/08 H.S. All Night Grad Party

5/31/08 H.S. Grad Party "Shoe Phone"

6/1/08 H.S All Night Party "it's raining out"

6/1/08 H. S. All Night Party "House Race"

6/7/08 H.S. Grad. Party "Roller coster ride"

6/7/08 H.S. All Night Grad Party "Dancing"

6/8/08 H.S. All Night Grad Party "Sleep"

6/8/08 H.S. Grad. Party "Doing it in the Gym"

6/28/08 Spyke's Pub "laughing gas balloons"

Spyke's - The Village People doing "YMCA'